Why You Need Other's Eyes

I shot both images below at Manuela in Los Angeles, around the time they were preparing one of their many, many launch parties in the massive art gallery warehouse titan. A celery soda and Fords Gin highball was on offer for that party, something I'd championed them doing (celery + gin is a perfect fit) and I was getting some images together for a story that was being pitched to the LA times about the new restaurant, and about the drink specifically. I was convinced the upper image taken against the backdrop of the outdoor gallery space and two ladies sipping rose at lunch (unstaged) was the perfect shot. But when I showed some friends this shot and the one below, the responses were always to the closeup beauty shot of the drink. Sometimes you're wrong about which shot will have more impact, partly because you're too invested in the complex good fortune of how a shot comes together (like in the first shot).

Fords Highball.jpg